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The Entrepreneur Hub is a Business Incubator Program by Crewstone International. All you need is your idea to start a unique, socially responsible and profitable enterprise and you can run your dream business under our wing.

Step Two: Pitch your business to us and gain free guidance on how to begin

Pitch your ideas to our panel of advisers

Let us rate your idea and recommend any improvements

We will point you in the right agency to turn your idea into a reality

We will advise you on all the appropriate procedures, grants and incentives

Step One: Submit your basic business idea

 *Your idea submitted through this form will be kept confidential.

If you have any questions, call us at 03-6201 3133 

Thanks! Message sent. We will contact you once we have read through your business idea

Step Three: Run your business right here in Crewstone International .

We will Provide working space, high-speed WiFi, copier & printer and the facilities you need to conduct your business in a professional environment. Here you may ask for our consultation anytime you need it

Step Four: Once you are ready, we will bring you to the

Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce to pitch your business to the

MICCI Youth Council and gain more partners

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