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Datuk Wira Jalilah Baba

Chairman of the Board

Datuk Wira Jalilah Binti Baba has 45 years’ experience in leadership roles at various government and private entities where her most notable contributions were throughout her term in the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA).

In 2006, she was appointed as the Deputy Director General and in 2008 she was promoted as the Director General of MIDA until 2014. Currently, other than acting as the founder and chairman of CSI where her primary responsibility is focused on evaluating deal flows and advising on regional policies, Jalilah is also holding a number of directorships in various corporations.

Datuk Jalilah is currently a non-independent Executive Chairman-Director of CSI. Datuk Jalilah's primary role would be to advise on potential deals as well as provide relevant guidance on the instrument of investments, company deals as well as related regulations within Malaysia and the regions.

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